Advanced Rooftop Controls Energy Efficient Retrofit

Save 25-50% of your HVAC Energy Cost

Midwesco Mechanical and Energy is proud to offer a comprehensive HVAC energy efficiency upgrade called the CATALYST.  The CATALYST converts your RTUs into dynamic part load systems, matching the energy use to the true needs of the occupied space and is proven to radically lower energy use and improve the overall performance of HVAC units. Several independent studies, including the US DOE, confirmed reduced energy usage by an average 25% to 50%.

The CATALYST  saves energy by matching the fan speed to the actual needs of the conditioned space, and adds advanced economizer control to incorporate a dynamic change-over point, which maximizes use of outside air for free cooling while also incorporating demand-controlled ventilation in seasons of temperature extremes. It makes the RTU intelligent by polling the new  sensors we install, and answers the call in the most efficient manner available given the conditions.

Financial benefits of our system

Reduction in both electric and gas costs

Com Ed and Nicor are offering significant incentives

Extended life of the equipment

Reduced maintenance costs

Reduced cost of replacement units when they need to be replaced since our system provides compliance with the energy code adopted by Illinois in January of 2017

Typical payback in 1-3 years

Financing options can make this a cash neutral upgrade

How do you know if you are a good candidate for this system?

If your answers are yes to the below questions, you will see significant savings.

  1. Is your site served by RTUs?
  2. Are they 5 tons or larger?
  3. Is the daily occupancy schedule more than 12 hours per day, at least five days per week?

Non-financial benefits of the system

The CATALYST has many non-financial related benefits including improved occupant comfort, indoor air quality and a quieter environment. The reduction in fan speed during the cooling cycle reduces the humidity in the space. Slower fan speeds create less noise from vents and drafts are eliminated. Occupancy sensing via CO2 assures proper ventilation and code compliance. Most importantly, the CATALYST will extend the useful life of your RTUs, which helps keep your operating capital working for your core business.